uncharted: fortune hunter

UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter is an original action-puzzle adventure following Nathan Drake's continued pursuit to uncover the long-lost treasures of history's most notorious pirates, adventurers and thieves.

My Role: Concept art, Game design, 3D art, Texture artist

Board Game Origins: The initial direction was that of a found world object, something U4 Nate could actually find and use in game.

Open Seas: The board game was deemed too static so a live ocean pirate sailing game direction was chosen.

Ship Fleet: The player would control a single pirate ship attempting to flee the royal navy. Until...

Reboot: The desire arose to bring in Nate himself as this game is about him as well as tie in the found object direction again. Until...

Puzzle Chamber: The first image inspired the idea its man vs room. The player would slide Nate on tiles through a puzzle room.

Cartoon Version: Realistic style was out as it was chaotic on a mobile screen. This ended up too cute.

Whole new world: The new style emerged. I designed, modeled and textured most everything in the game.

Styled Nate: My sketch and the final Nate as modeled by a Naughty Dog artist.


Farcry: Arena Master

Become the arena master with Far Cry 4 Arena Master, the official Far Cry 4 app. Collect animals and mercenary fighters for your own personal arena pen and send them to battle against other Far Cry 4 players for fame and fortune. 

My Role: Concept art, Texture artist

Game Portal: Early concepts that game data was tracked in a pass port. The whole thing would live within a rucksack to make it less of a traditional UI experience. 

Animal Enclosures: Initial wire-frame with various treatments. The idea is this exists under the arena in a converted temple.

3D Scene: Initial 3D setup with a lighting pass I painted over it to help add variety.

Pen Interior: At one point you could zoom in to feed and train your animals in a full screen experience.

Arena: Concepts of how the game would look in the battle arena mode. 

Champions: My designs for three boss champions.


Release Trailer

Global Resistance

UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter is an original action-puzzle adventure following Nathan Drake's continued pursuit to uncover the long-lost treasures of history's most notorious pirates, adventurers and thieves.

My Role: Game art

Pitch: First version of base building and an idea of how the map could look in action. Last image is how the map looked in zoomed out view.

Base Building: Assets I made for the building. Was a lot of fun to create these as there was little (no) reference so there was a lot of freedom. 

Achievement Icons: Lots of achievements means lots of icons. 


Release Trailer


Rig racin'

Buckle up and get behind the wheel of the most exciting vehicles to hit the paved road! We’re talking big, loud cement hauling trucks like you’ve never seen before! Make your way to an awaiting World of Concrete exhibition, as you pass through rugged mountains, lonely desert highways, and the bright lights of Sin City.

My Role: Concept art, Texture artist

Concept: Initially it was meant to be more about speed and less about off road action. The designs started out more futuristic and in the end settled on a more classic monster truck angle.

Big Red Concept: Illustrations to help the 3D modeler get a better sense of the proportions.

What the Truck: Two more styles I designed to have different handling and driving attributes. 

Skins: A selection of some of the optional skins I made. There were 25 total in the end.

Backgrounds: These tile and the various layers were placed on geometry for a really nice effect. 

Logo: Logo sketches to final art


Release Trailer


Star wars: Bounty hunter

Take control of Boba Fett and chase down bounties across the Star Wars universe. Take Jabbas bounties until you are face to face with Darth Vader on the Death Star.

My Role: Character design, Story Writer, Menu Art

Character Design: Wanted to acheive a nod to the animated series but with a bit more of an edge to it. 

Illustrated Screens: All of the menus and level selects were custom sketches.

Death: The death screen and a fitting tribute to the project. This went the way of Boba when Disney bought Lucasfilm. 


Jawa junkyard

Utinni! Welcome to the Jawa Junkyard. Help rebuild droids before time runs out!

My Role: Pitch, Character Design, Asset Creation

Pitch to completion: This was a fun one that brought a fun style with a clean simple concept for kids to play. Created a ton of various assets and parts for the droids as well as did the treatment on all of the HUD and UI elements. 

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