Wedding Day

Wedding Day

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 -Marvel-Warner Brothers -20th Century Fox-Activision-Bandai-Ubisoft-Insomniac Games-Lucasfilm-Disney-Naughty Dog-Lego-Paramount-Lionsgate-Dream works-syfy-Bandai-sony pictures-FX-USA NETWORK



I am an artist living in Los Angeles working in entertainment. I enjoy seeing the project through from pitch to completion amongst a team of other talented individuals.  I have worked with many different properties with various studios over the years. From doing a pitch sketch all the way to creating a working arcade machine, I am ready for anything. One of my greatest skills is to  harness my geeky love of things and inject it into concepts or ideas. You have to love something in order to celebrate it properly. Fans know when they are being pandered to so it's always good to have an inside man. 

Drawing from a young age I continued through school, teaching others when I hit high school then ultimately I attended Art Center College of Design. I was part of the Entertainment department with a minor in Illustration. Though I have to say the best part was meeting my wife first term. My (our) greatest creation hands down has been my twin boys. Any free time not changing diapers I love to create my own art work, a bit of leather working, and coffee sipping.